How to reserve a camping spot?

To reserve a spot at our campground, please contact us by phone or through the reservation form available on our website.


Do you accept pets?

Yes, we do accept pets at our campground. However, please inform us in advance about their presence during the reservation.


Is parking available at the campground?

Yes, there is parking available for our guests on the campground premises.


Do you provide electricity for campers and trailers?

Yes, we have electrical hook-ups for campers and trailers.


Are there sanitary facilities on the campground?

Yes, there are clean and modern sanitary facilities on the campground, equipped with showers, toilets, and sinks.


Is free WiFi available at the campground?

Yes, we provide free WiFi for our guests at the campground.


Are there restaurants and grocery stores near the campground?

Yes, there are restaurants offering a variety of dishes and well-stocked grocery stores in close proximity to the campground.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards as a form of payment at our campground.


Are there tourist attractions near the campground?

Yes, the campground is located near a park and within a short distance from the Old Town, where you can visit historical landmarks and tourist attractions.


We encourage you to contact our customer service team if you have any additional questions or concerns. We will be happy to provide any information needed for a successful stay at our campground in Krakow.


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You can spend your vacation with us in comfortable conditions and surrounded by beautiful nature. We provide professional service and a friendly atmosphere to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Join our camping community today!

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